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Kirisun TP660U
440 DMR HT


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Discontinued Amateur Handheld Transceivers 



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  Kirisun TP660V

  • Rugged IP67 standard
  • 1000 Memories
  • Analog or Digital Mode
  • Supplied Li-ion Battery
  • DTMF Encode/Decode
  • 50 Preset Text Messages
  • Two power levels

The Kirisun TP660U DMR UHF 400-470 MHz HT provides superior audio quality, versatile functionality, durability and flexibility to solve problems confronted in harsh environments. It meets the rugged IP67 and MIL-810C/D/E/F/G standard. Two-time slot transmission design reduces transmit time in half and thus increases the longevity of the supplied KB-78B Li-ion 2000 mAh battery. It provides up to 14 continuous working hours in analog mode and 16 hours in digital mode. Power is selectable at 1 or 4 watts. Channel spacing is 12.5/25 kHz analog and 12.5 kHz digital.

This radio comes with KTC-50E AC adapter (100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz), KB-78B Li-ion 2000 mAh battery, KBC-78Q rapid charge cradle, KGS-05 wrist strap, KBJ-09 belt clip, KSPL-U23 USB programming cable.
This HT is distributed and supported by Remtronix USA.

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#1660 UHF 16-17 D[000]190/089 Q030/060 CH 12/17