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Anytone AT-D878UV

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VHF/UHF Handheld Transceivers 

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  Anytone AT-D878UV

  • Digital DMR / FM
  • Tier I & II
  • GPS Built In
  • APRS & Roaming
  • Color TFT Display
  • 4,000 Memories
  • 10,000 Talk Groups
  • 250 Zone & 250 Channels Per Zone
  • 150,000 Digital Contacts
  • 2.5/25 kHz FM, 12.5 kHz DMR

The Anytone AT-D878UV F.C.C. Part 90 DMR / FM handheld transceiver brings dual band VHF/UHF coverage with all the latest features. Coverage is 136-174 and 400-480 MHz. Power may be selected at 6, 4, 2.5 or 1 Watts. Supported bandwidths are 12.5/25 kHz FM and 12.5 kHz DMR. A GPS is built in.

The AT-D878 comes with USB programming cable, belt clip, flexible SMA-J (female) antenna, printed manual, drop in rapid charger (QBC-45L 12 VDC input, 8.4 VDC output) with LED (red/green), AC adapter (QPS-17 100-240 VAC input, 12 VDC 1A output), Belt Clip BC-05, USB cable PC-04, and Li-ion battery (QB-44HL 7.4V 3100 mAh) and hand strap.

The AT-D878UV is a CE and FCC certified [FCC ID: T4KD878UV] business radio that requires a commercial or amateur license to operate.

Order # Photo Item Description Your Price Order
#3826   BATT 868 Li-Ion 7V 3100 mAh battery. [As supplied]. $18.98 Order
#1159   ANT 868 Flexible SMA antenna. [As supplied]. $6.95 Order
#3799   CLIP 868 Belt clip. [As supplied]. $1.98 Order
    CAR 868 Car charge plug. Discontinued
#3764   CRAD 868 Charging tray only for AT-D868/878. [As supplied]. $4.98 Order
    ELIM 868 Mobile battery eliminator. Slides into HT in place of battery with cord to cigar plug. Discontinued
#3786   USB 868 USB programming cable. $7.98 Order
#1172 SMC-34 SMC-34 Kenwood Speaker Mic with Remote and Volume $31.95 Order
#5908 WXBNC WXBNC SMA female to BNC female adapter. Black. VIEW $5.95 Order
#4304 SMA SMA F - SMA F SMA female to SMA female antenna adapter. $2.19 Order
#6021 SO2-SMF BK SO2-SMF BK SMA female to SO-239 adapter. Black. VIEW $5.99 Order
#4739 SRJ77CA Comet HMO5JSJ Coaxial jumper cable 18 inch SO-239 to SMA female [SMA-J] INFO $14.95 Order
#5690 ARC112 Assoc. ARC-112 Coaxial LMR-100 jumper cable 4 feet SO-239 to SMA female [SMA-J] INFO $18.95 Order
#5713 SRJ77CA Diamond SRJ77CA Flexible high-gain 2M/440 antenna for KG-UVD1P/440
that features a reverse SMA termination. INFO
$22.95 Order
#5962   Surmen UT-108 SMAF Complete 2M/440 HT antenna with magnetic mount with reverse SMA termination. INFO $14.98 Order

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