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Icom IC-2AT
2 Meter HT

Icom IC-3AT
220 MHz HT

Icom IC-4AT
440 MHz HT

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Discontinued Amateur Handheld Transceivers 

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  Icom IC-2AT

  • Simple Tuning
  • Decadic Switch Tuning
  • High/Low Power Output

The classic Icom IC-2AT is a 2 meter handheld that combines quality, economy and very intuitive ioperation. Operational range is 144-147.995 MHz. The rear panel has three slide switches for: High/Low power, Duplex/Simplex and « 600 Hz offset. Includes BP-3 NiCad battery, BNC flexible antenna and charger. Power can be selected at 1.5 or 0.15 watts at 8.4 VDC. (Up to 2.3 watts with optional BP-5 battery pack). 2.6 x 4.6 x 1.4 inches.

The Icom IC-3AT is similar to the IC-2AT, but transmits on 220-224.990 MHz, instead of 2 meters.

The Icom IC-4AT is similar to the IC-2AT, but transmits on 440-449.995 MHz, instead of 2 meters.

The Icom IC-2A, Icom IC-3A and Icom IC-4A models do not feature the DTMF encoder keypad.

Order # Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  BC-16 Wall Charger. Discontinued
  BC-25U AC wall charger for BP-3 only. Discontinued
  BC-30 Desktop battery charger for BP2/3/5 (and BP4 with NiCds). INFO  Discontinued
  BP-2 NiCad Battery Pack   7.2 VDC   450 mAh. Discontinued
  BP-3 NiCad Battery Pack   8.4 VDC   270 mAh. Discontinued
  BP-4 Cell holder (6 x AA). Discontinued
  BP-5 NiCad Battery Pack 10.8 VDC   450 mAh. VIEW Discontinued
  CP-1 Cigarette lighter cord to charge BP-3 or power DC-1. Discontinued
  DC-1 DC-DC Converter for external 12 VDC operation. INFO Discontinued
  HM-9 Speaker Mic VIEW Discontinued
  LC-5 Carry Case [BP-5] Discontinued
  LC-7 Carry Case Discontinued
  ML-1 Booster INFO Discontinued

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