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Icom IC-2iA
144 MHz HT

Icom IC-4iA
440 MHz HT



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  Icom 2iA

  • 10 Memories
  • Easy Operation
  • Four RF Levels
  • Clock
  • Tone Encoder UT-72 (US version)
  • Battery Saver
  • Backit LCD

The Icom IC-2iA is a easy-to-use 2 meter HT. Despite its compact size, it can deliver up to 5 watts of RF output when powered from an external 13.8 VDC source. 2.5 watt, 0.5 watt and 20 mW output settings are also available. The extended receive range is 138 to 174 MHz. This ergonomically engineered radio also boasts 10 memories, 24 hour clock, power saver functions, memory and band scanning. The UT-72 CTCSS tone encoder squelch board comes installed in the U.S.A. version.

The Icom IC-2iA comes with:  flexible BNC antenna, battery pack and BC77A battery wall charger. Size:  2.3 x 4.5 x 1.2 inches 10 oz.

The Icom IC-4iA is similar to the 2iA, but transmits the 440 MHz band instead of 144 MHz. Output at 440 MHz is 5, 2.5, 0.5 watts or 20 mW. The receive/transmit range is 440-450 MHz.

Order # Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  AD-26 Desktop charge adapter for BC79. Discontinued
  BC-77A Wall Charger. Discontinued
  BC-79 Wall Charger for BP-121/122/123/124 (requires AD-26) Discontinued
  BP-120 Battery Case (6 x AA) Discontinued
  BP-121 NiCad Battery Pack 7V 400 mAh Discontinued
  BP-122 NiCad Battery Pack 7V 700 mAh Discontinued
  BP-123 NiCad Battery Pack 7V 1200 mAh Discontinued
  BP-124 NiCad Battery Pack 12V 400 mAh Discontinued
  CP-13L Cigar Plug Filter Discontinued
  HM-  9L Speaker Mic Discontinued
  HM-46L Compact Speaker Mic VIEW Discontinued
  HM-55A DTMF Speaker Mic Discontinued
  HS-51 Headset with VOX/PTT/One-Touch PTT. Discontinued
  LC-83 Vinyl Carrying Case (BP121). Discontinued
  LC-84 Vinyl Carrying Case (BP120/122). Discontinued
  LC-85 Vinyl Carrying Case (BP123/124). Discontinued
  MB-30 Mobile Mounting Bracket Discontinued
  OPC-288L DC Fused Cord Discontinued
  UT-72 Tone Squelch [as supplied in the USA version]. Discontinued

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#3144 2iA 92-92 D360/000 Q020/030 JP 05/18
#3192 4iA 92-92 D435/000 Q020/030 JP 05/18