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  Wouxun KG-UV6D

  • 5 Watts VHF / 4 Watts UHF
  • 199 Alphanumeric Memories
  • Sophisticated Display
  • DTMF Keypad
  • FM Broadcast Band Receive
  • Keypad frequency entry
  • Wide/Narrow Bandwidth (25/12.5 kHz)
  • Function Menu
  • Auto/Manual Keypad Lock

The Wouxun KG-UV6X dual bander presents great value in a well built, compact package. VHF frequency range is 136-174 MHz and UHF frequency range is 420-470 (520) MHz. This radio also receives the FM broadcast band (76-108 MHz). Power output is 5 or 2 watts on VHF and 4 or 2 watts on UHF. This new version supports 2.5 kHz channel steps in preparation for future narrow band requirements. Tuning steps are: 2.5, 5, 6.25, 10, 12.5, 25, 50 or 100 kHz. CTCSS decode/encode is featured plus DTMF encode. Other features include: VOX, 500 mW audio output, 199 shared memories, 18 FM band memories, stop watch & SOS functions, 1750Hz tone burst, low voltage warning, busy channel lock-out, backlit keys and English voice guide.

The KG-UV6X is an F.C.C. Part 90 certified radio. The radio is shipped frequency channelized and keyboard locked. It needs to be programmed to the applicable authorized frequency depending on the user's F.C.C. license type. This radio must be programmed with the KG-UV6 programming CD (supplied) and WXUSB USB cable.

The KG-UV6X comes with:  drop-in rapid charger with AC cord, belt clip, 1700 mAh Li-ion battery, printed manual, programming CD, flexible antenna with conventional male SMA plug.

The KG-UV6X is a CE and FCC certified [FCC ID: WVTWOUXUB07] business radio that requires a commercial license to operate.

Order # Photo Item Description Your Price Order
  1A31KG-2 1A31KG-2 Single slot charging tray for radio or regular battery. Has AC or DC input.
AC and DC cords not included. INFO
Not in stock
#6197 CHRG TRAY CHRG TRAY Single slot charging tray for radio or larger battery such as the 1A17KG-3. Has AC or DC input.
AC cord is included. INFO
$5.98 Order
  1A31KG-2 WXDSC Dual slot charger with AC power adapter. [KG-HN-3] Not in stock
#5563 PCO-001 CAR CHARGE Mobile charging cable for the charging base. $5.98 Order
  AIR EAR WXAET Conduit type ear piece with clip-on PTT mic. [AIR EAR] INFO Not in stock
#5876 LC6D LC6D Leather carry case [V2]. VIEW $4.98 Order
#6854 LC6D LC6D Leather carry case [V2]. VIEW
Special package of 10 LC6D
$29.98 Order
#5564 C CABLE C CABLE Radio to radio cloning cable. $4.98 Order
#5877 PCO-001 WXUSB USB programming cable. $7.98 Order
   KGE1 WXBTE Mobile battery eliminator. [KG-E-1] Discontinued
   KG2A1 WXAAB Cell holder for 5 AA cells (not supplied). [KG-2A-1] Discontinued
   1A17KG-3 1A17KG-3 Li-ion 7.4V 1700 mAh battery. (WXHCB) Discontinued
  KG-HS-1 WXGHK CLip-on lapel mic with G-hook earbud. [KG-HS-1] Discontinued
#6591   WXSPK Speaker mic. $12.98 Order
#5841 Nifty Card REF CARD Nifty credit card sized reference contains 6 panels of information. $4.98 Order

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