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Discontinued Amateur Handheld Transceivers 

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  Icom IC-2GXAT

  • Band & Memory Scan
  • Channel Indication
  • Power Save Function
  • Auto Repeater
  • DTMF Keypad
  • Battery Saver
  • 40 Memories
  • Encode
  • Simple Operation
  • Display Lighting
  • 7 Watt Output

The Icom IC-2GXAT is a 2 meter handheld offering high power and easy operation. Seven watts of power is at your command to hit those fringe repeaters. When you don't need high power the 2GXAT can be set for 1 watt output. The rear case is made of rugged, die-cast aluminum and the body is splash-resistant for outdoor use. A call channel and 40 memory channels store all required repeater information independently. There are five DTMF memory channels and a DTMF redial function for autopatching.

The function display can be set to indicate memory channels numbers only and the number of available memory channels can be restricted. Once you program the information you want into memory channels, operation becomes even simpler. The efficient power saver function reduces current drain during standby. Program scan and memory scan (with skip function) is featured. The LCD backlight function is on a five second timer.

The Icom IC-2GXAT comes with flexible BNC antenna, wrist strap, belt clip, BP-174 high power battery pack (12 VDC 600 mAh), AD25 charge adapter and BC-105 battery charger. Only 2.2 x 4.9 x 1.4 inches (57x125x35 mm).

The Icom IC-2GXA is similar to the 2GXAT, but without the keypad.

The Icom IC-4GXAT is similar to the 2GXAT, but covers the 440 MHz band instead of 2 meters.

Order # Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  AD-25 Battery charge adapter (as supplied). Discontinued
  BP-130A Battery Case (6 x AA) Discontinued
  BP-157A NiCad Battery Pack 7.2 VDC 900 mAh Discontinued
  BP-174 NiCad Battery Pack 12 VDC 600 mAh Discontinued
  CP-13 Cigar Plug Filter Discontinued
  CP-13L Cigar Plug Filter Discontinued
  HM-46 Compact Speaker Mic Discontinued
  HM-54 Full Sized Speaker Mic Discontinued
  HM-55A DTMF Speaker Mic Discontinued
#2178 HS-51 Headset with VOX/PTT/One-Touch PTT. INFO   $125.00 $  29.98 Order
  LC-116 Vinyl Carrying Case [BP-130/157A/160] Discontinued
  LC-117 Vinyl Carrying Case [BP-174] Discontinued
  OPC-288 DC Fused Cord Discontinued
  UT-49 DTMF Decoder Discontinued
  UT-86 Tone Squelch Discontinued

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