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Icom ID-52A
2M/440 D-Star HT

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Icom ID-52A Preliminary

The Icom ID-52A, like the ID-51A, covers 2 meters and 440 MHz and receives two bands simultaneously (V/V, U/U & V/U). Output power is 5, 2.5, 1.0, 0.5 or 0.1 Watts. It is IPX7 waterproof and features a built-in GPS! The display size is increased to 2.3 inches and is a color transflective type for excellent visibility, even in bright sunlight. The transceiver also supports Bluetooth® communication as standard.

Other features enhanced from the previous ID-51A/E models include:
Simultaneous reception in V/V, U/U, V/U as well as DV/DV.
Air band reception is expanded from VHF to UHF (225 to 374.995 MHz).
Can be charged via micro USB connector.
Audio output is significantly increased from 400 mW to 750 mW.
The latest D-STAR function enables you to send, receive and view saved photos on an installed microSD card using only the ID-52A/E.

 08/11/20 Update:
We will post pricing and availability as soon as it is announced.

This device has not been approved by the F.C.C. This device may not be offered for sale or lease or be sold or leased until approval of the F.C.C. has been obtained. The information shown is preliminary and may be subject to change without notice or obligation.

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
#5833 Icom BP-271 BC-202 IP2 Desktop 2/3.5 hour Li-ion rapid charger for BP-271/272.
Includes BC-123SA AC wall adapter. INFO
$70.00 $54.95 Order
#5818 Icom BP-271 BP-271 Lithium Ion Battery Pack 7.4V 1150 mAh $99.00 $69.95 Order
#1387 Icom BP-272 BP-272 Lithium Ion Battery Pack 7.4V 1880 mAh $139.00 $99.95 Order
#2091 Icom BP-273 BP-273 Battery Case (holds 3 x AA, not supplied) $68.00 $49.95 Order
#3150 (CP12L) CP-12L Cigar Plug, filtered power adapter. $43.00 $31.95 Order
  Icom CP19R CP-19R Cigar Plug power cord with filtration charges battery pack in radio.   Discontinued
#5824 Icom HM-75LS HM-75LS Remote Control Speaker Mic $99.00 $72.95 Order
#1475 Icom HM-166LS HM-166LS Light Ear Mic $99.00 $67.98 Order
#0253 Icom HM-186LS HM-186LS Compact Speaker Mic $65.00 $49.95 Order
#5819 Icom MB-127 MB-127 Belt clip (as supplied). $25.00 $15.98 Order
#1666 Icom OPC254L OPC-254L DC Fused Cord [L-shaped plug] $20.00 $14.95 Order
#4424 OPC-515L OPC-515L DC power cable for BC-202 charging tray. VIEW $26.00 $19.95 Order
#6367 Icom OPC-2218LU OPC-2350LU Android™ app interface cable kit. $75.00 $59.95 Order
#6364 Icom SP AT1 SP-AT1 Tube mono earphone 3.5 mm "L" plug. (requires OPC-2144). INFO $26.00 $23.98 Order

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