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Skycommand System II+

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Kenwood Skycommand System II+

Kenwood’s Skycommand System II+

The TS-2000/2000X/B2000 is fully equipped for Kenwood’s Skycommand System II+. With just a handheld transceiver you can relax in your garden while DX’ing from your shack. Alternatively, you could enjoy HF access via the multibander in your parked car while taking in a baseball game. Conventionally two extra transceivers are required for KSS operation — a Commander and a Transporter — but the TS-2000/2000X/B2000 has Transporter functions built in. This means you can operate it remotely with a single mobile or handheld unit, such as the TH-D7A/G, TM-D700A or TM-D710A, transmitting control signals to the Transporter, which also relays your voice to the HF radio. In return, HF signals are transmitted back to the Commander. This system allows you to transmit and receive HF signals, set frequencies (with LCD confirmation), switch memory channels, and much more — all remotely.

Kenwood Skycommand System II+ is the most sophisticated version yet developed, enabling full-duplex operation with access Kenwood Skycommand System II+ to such HF functions as RIT/XIT, mode switching (USB, FM, etc.), split-frequency operations on/off, and memory shift. Control is effected via simple TNC, compatible with the AX.25 protocol. In addition, if a second TS-2000/2000X/B2000 unit is used as the Commander, you have control over noise reduction, noise blanker on/off and antenna switching among other functions.

Kenwood’s Skycommand System II+ became legally adopted on 12/15/06.

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