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Emergency Communications Kit

The Kenwood Emergency Communications Kit is designed for instant set-up and use in even the most extreme field conditions. It includes tough Kenwood portable radios and a base station radio with every essential communications accessory. The kit is protected in a rugged weather-resistant case for easy handling and shipment to disaster sites. Indispensable for any public service agency, this kit is always ready when you need it. Each kit includes the following Kenwood products:

  • 1 TM-V7A 144/440 MHz Mobile base station
  • 1 PS-40 lightweight switching power supply
  • 6 TH-G71A 144/440 MHz handhelds with Mil-Spec
  • 1 (6) unit handheld rapid charger system
  • 2 VC-H1 Visual Communicators
  • 2 UBZ-LF14 FreeTalk handhelds
  • 6 Emergency pouches containing various TH-G71A accessories
  • Programming software, manuals, etc.

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