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BC-121N BC-124

Gang Charger

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Icom BC-121N

The Icom BC-121N BC-124 gang charger can charge up to six HT radios at one time. This configuration includes the BC-124 AC power supply. This gang charger works with a variety of Icom handheld units including the T2H. Please note that in all cases the appropriate cup adapter must also be purchased. In some cases you will also need a spacer unit if you desire to charge the battery only (outside of the HT). The correct cup for the T2H is the AD81. You would need to buy a cup for each HT to be charged (up to six). There is a LED charge indicator for each of the six positions. Each LED changes to green when the battery charge is complete. The BC121N has four holes in the rear panel allowing it to be hung from a wall.

The BC-124 power supply in the above diagram is included, but the radios, cups and spacers shown are sold separately. The size of the BC121N charger iitself is: 11.8x7.75x3.6 inches (300x197x93 mm).

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