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Icom IC-T2H Sport
2 Meter HT

Icom IC-T2H
2 Meter HT

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Icom IC-T2H

  • Band & Memory Scan
  • Extended Receive 136-174 MHz.
  • Power Save Function
  • Auto Repeater
  • DTMF Keypad
  • Two Step Power Saver
  • 40 Memories
  • Simple Operation
  • PC Programmable
  • Encode & Decode
  • 6 Watts Output Standard
  • Monitor Function

The Icom IC-T2H Sport is a single band, easy to use, 2 meter H.T. designed for everyone's budget. Innovative features such as cloning capability and a guide function are housed in a no-nonsense solid body. Tone squelch operation (encode and decode) is standard for quiet standby. Pocket beep provides a method of keeping track of calls even when you are away from the transceiver. Tone scan allows you to detect subaudible tone frequencies such as those used to open a repeater. Eight front panel keys may be customized allowing you to assign their function to your operating style. This U.S.A. version even receives ten weather channels. Five DTMF memory channels store up to 32 digits each. A full 6 watts of power will hit those distant repeaters. Includes BP-194 battery case and BNC flexible antenna (batteries are not supplied). You supply the eight AA alkaline cells and you are ready to go. Of course, you can also buy the BP-195 or BP-196 rechargeable packs and rechargers. Only 2.3 x 5.6 x 1.3 inches 14.8 oz (58x141x33mm 420g).

Please note that the IC-T2H Sport replaced the earlier non-Sport IC-T2H which was the same radio,      but included the BP-194 battery case, eight AA NiCads, BC-110A wall charger and BNC flexible antenna.

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  AD81 AD-81 Charge adapter for BC-119 and BC121N-BC124. Discontinued
  BC110A BC-110A Wall Charger for charging the BP-195 or BP-196 battery through radio. Discontinued
#4435   BC-122A AC adapter for BC-133-01 charging tray. 12 VDC 200 mA [+] $  16.00 $  10.98 Order
     BC-167SA Wall Charger for charging the BP-195 or BP-196 battery through radio. Discontinued
    BC-119-11 Drop-In Rapid Charger for BP-195/196 (not BP-194). Requires AD-81. Discontinued
  BC149A BC-119N-01 Drop-In Rapid Charger for BP-195/196 (not BP-194). Requires AD-81. Discontinued
#3035   BC-133-01 Drop-In Trickle Charging tray for BP-195/196 (not BP-194) or radio. Requires BC-122A or CP-17L. $40.00 $11.98 Order
  BC121 BC-121N-BC124 Drop-In six unit gang charger for BP-195/196 (not BP-194).
Includes BC-124 AC power supply. Requires AD-81 cups.
Click here for MORE INFO
  BP194 BP-194 Battery Case (8 x AA)
Batteries shown are not included.
{BP-194 is supplied with radio}.
  BP195 BP-195 NiCad Battery Pack 9.6V   700 mAh Discontinued
  BP196 BP-196 NiCad Battery Pack 9.6V 1050 mAh Discontinued
  (CP12L) CP-12L Cigar Plug Filter Not in stock
    CP-17L Cigar lighter cable for charger Discontinued
    CS-T2 DOS programming software. [Requires OPC-478]. Discontinued
    CSW-HH4 Windows XP/2000 cloning software mini CD with DB9 serial cable. Discontinued
  HM46 HM-  46 Compact Speaker Mic. Discontinued
   HM54 HM-  54 Full Sized Speaker Mic Discontinued
  HM75A HM-  75A Remote Speaker Mic Discontinued
  HM128 HM-128 Earphone Mic Discontinued
  HS51 HS-51 Headset with VOX/PTT/One-Touch PTT. INFO Discontinued
   HS94 HS-94 Earpiece style headset only (requires VS-1) Discontinued
  HS-95 HS-95 Neck-arm style headset with boom mic (requires VS-1). VIEW Discontinued
#0221   LC-145 Vinyl Carrying Case $38.00 $  9.98 Order
    LC-F3 SWIV Real black leather case with swivel release. Discontinued
  MB74 MB-74N Deluxe spring-loaded belt clip. Discontinued
#4481 MB87 MB-87 Swivel belt clip. $10.00 $  4.98 Order
  OPC254 OPC-254 DC Fused Cord Discontinued
   OPC254L OPC-254L DC Fused Cord Discontinued
   OPC474 OPC-474 Radio to radio cloning cable Discontinued
  OPC478 OPC-478 Computer programming RS-232 cable. Discontinued
  SP13 SP-13 Earphone. Discontinued
  VS1 VS-1 VOX/PTT Unit (requires HS-94/95/96).
Click to view system.
   Nifty Card REF CARD Nifty credit card sized reference contains 6 panels of information. Discontinued

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