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  • 4/2/1 watts RF Output
  • 128 Memories
  • Keypad
  • FM Broadcast Band Receive
  • Backlit Display
  • Multi & Priority Channel Scan
  • Channel name setting

The TYT TH-F5 VHF is an affordable 2 meter handheld amateur transceiver. Power output is selectable at 4, 2 or 1 watts. Receive coverage is 136-174 MHz plus the FM broadcast band! This radio has CTCSS/DCS (but no DTMF).

This radio is supplied with 7.4V 1500 mAh Li-ion battery, charging base, AC adapter, SMA type antenna, belt clip and carry strap.

Order # Photo Item Description Your Price Order
#5575 AC Adapter AC ADPTR AC adapter 12 VDC 750 mA [as supplied]. $6.98
#5573 AC Adapter INTL ADAPT International travel AC adapter 12 VDC 750 mA for charging base.
Input voltage 110-260 VAC with round Euro plug and adapter to USA plug.
#5612   ANT F5 2 Meter flexible SMA antenna
[as supplied]
#5778 Belt Clip 5 BELT CLIP 5 Belt clip [as supplied]. VIEW $3.98
#5580 Charging Tray BCG-F5 Charging base [as supplied]. $7.98
#5545 C-CABLE C-CABLE Radio to radio cable. $7.98
#5546 P-CABLE P-CABLE USB programming cable with programming software on mini CD. $12.98
  EAR-MIC EAR-MIC Earphone mic. VIEW Discontinued
#5584 ELIM ELIM THF5 Mobile battery eliminator. $11.98
#5569 CASE CARRY CASE Carry case (radio cannot be operated while in case). $5.98
  LB-75L LB-75L-F5 Li-Ion 7V 1500 mAh battery [as supplied]. Discontinued
  TH-46 TH-46 Speaker mic. Discontinued
#5568 VEHCL CHG VEHCL CHG Vehicle charge cable for charging base. $6.98
#5571 ADPT BNC ADPT BNC SMA to BNC adapter. $3.95
#5572 [ADPT SO239] ADPT SO239 SMA to SO239C adapter. VIEW $3.95
#5733 GoBag GO BAG This insulated carry case will hold your HT and accessories. INFO  $7.95

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#5565 10-12 D[100] 080/060 Q020/030 CH 04/18