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Nifty Mini Manual
Yaesu FT-4VR/4XR

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  Nifty Mini-Manual

The Nifty Mini Manual is an ideal short-form guide for setting-up and operating all the capabilities of your radio. It provides clear descriptions for all controls, setup menus and modes of operation. The simple step-by-step instructions are augmented with useful hints and explanations. It is indexed and organized for quick access to what you need by mode of operation. Color-coded, clear and easy to understand instructions that clarify operation. The Nifty mini manuals are smaller, faster and easier to use than the factory instruction manual. They are laminated for durability and water resistance. Great for your Go-Bag. At 4.5 x 8 inches, it fits in a map pocket and is small enough to be kept with the radio. Truly an essential operating accessory!

Includes procedures for the all operations described in both the basic and advanced factory manuals.

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