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Yaesu FT-209R
144 MHz HT

Yaesu FT-209RH
144 MHz HT High Power

Yaesu FT-109RH
222 MHz HT

Yaesu FT-709R
440 MHz HT


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  Yaesu FT-209R


The Yaesu FT-209R operates on 2 meters from 144-148 MHz with 2.5 watts (or up to 3.7 watts output with optional FNB-4). The controls are easy to use. High/Low power and VOX on/off is selectable from the top panel of the radio. 19 soft rubber, dual-function keys provide flexible control. There is an analog meter and digital LCD display. 65x168x34mm. 550 g.

This HT came with:  NiCad battery, charger and YHA-14A BNC flexible antenna.

The Yaesu FT-209RH is a higher power version of the FT-209R with up to 5 watts output (with optional FNB-4).

The Yaesu FT-109RH is similar to the FT-209RH, but operates on 220 MHz band instead of 2 meters.

The Yaesu FT-709R is similar to the FT-209R, but operates on 440 MHz band instead of 2 meters.

Order # Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  CSC-10 Soft vinyl carry case (for FBA-5, FNB-3). Discontinued
  CSC-11 Soft vinyl carry case (for FNB-4). Discontinued
  FBA-5 Battery case 6 x AA cells. Discontinued
  FNB-3 NiCad Battery Pack 10.8 V 425 mAh Discontinued
  FNB-4 NiCad Battery Pack 12.0 V 500 mAh Discontinued
  FTS-6 Tone encoder unit Discontinued
  MH-12A2B Regular speaker mic. VIEW Discontinued
  MMB-21 Mobile hanger bracket VIEW Discontinued
  NC-  7 Standard drop-in charger. VIEW Discontinued
  NC-  8 Standard / quick charger / DC power supply. Discontinued
  NC-  9B Compact charger 117VAC for FNB-3 only. Discontinued
  NC-  9C Compact charger 220VAC for FNB-3 only. Discontinued
  NC-15 Quick charger / DC adapter. VIEW Discontinued
  NC-18B Compact charger 117VAC for FNB-4 only. Discontinued
  NC-18C Compact charger 220VAC for FNB-4 only. Discontinued
  PA-3 DC/DC Car adapter for mobile use. VIEW Discontinued
  YH-2 Headset Discontinued

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