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Kenwood KSC-14
Battery Charger

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Kenwood KSC-14

The Kenwood KSC-14 can operate as a Trickle Charger (with 1 or 2 batteries) or Rapid Charger (with 1 battery). While in the rapid charging mode it can recharge the battery in between 60 and 90 minutes. On completion of rapid charging, the charger is switched automatically back to trickle charging. It is designed to charge these Nickel-Cadmium battery packs:  KNB-5, KNB-5A, KNB-6, KNB-6A, KNB-7, KNB-7A, KNB-9A, PB-6, PB-7, PB-8, PB-9, PB-11, PB-30, PB-32, PB-33 and PB-34. Remember to always turn your HT off during recharging. Output is 9.5 VDC 1.5A. Requires 120 VAC 60 Hz. 20W.


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