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Kenwood TH-25AT
144 MHz HT

Kenwood TH-45AT
440 MHz HT

Kenwood TH-55AT
1200 MHz HT


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  • LCD Display
  • 14 Memories
  • Optional CTCSS Encode
  • Two RF Power Levels
  • Repeater Offset Switch
  • Extended Receive
  • Keypad

The Kenwood TH-25AT is a simple, yet very advanced 2 meter HT. Frequency selection is via a rotary VFO knob on the top of the radio. Plus there 14 multi-function memory channels with Lithium battery backup. Memory and bandscan capability is featured. Preprogrammed automatic repeater offset can also be changed manually. RF output may be selected at 500 mW or 5 watts (with optional PB-8). Receive is from 141 to 163 MHz. There is an optional TSU-8 CTCSS encoder. The TH-25AT comes with PB-6 battery, wall charger, flexible BNC antenna, belt hook and dust caps. Size:  2.28 x 5.41 x 1.16 inches 0.88 lbs. (58x138x30mm 400g).

The Kenwood TH-45AT is similar to the TH-25AT, but covers the 440 MHz band instead of 2 meters. RF output is 5W with PB8, 3.5W with BT-6, 2 W with PB-5/6/7/9 or 0.5 watts on low power.

The Kenwood TH-55AT is similar to the TH-25AT, but covers the 1200 MHz band instead of 2 meters. Frequency coverage is 1258-1300 MHz. RF output is 1W with PB-8 or BT-6, 0.8 W with PB-5/7/9 or 0.1 watts on low power.

Order # Photo Item Description Your Price Order #
  BC9 BC-  9 Wall Charger. Discontinued
  BC10 BC-10 Compact Charger. VIEW Discontinued
  BC11 BC-11 Rapid Charger. INFO Discontinued
  BT6 BT-6 Battery Case (6 x AA). Discontinued
  DC1 DC-1 DC-DC converter for use with PG-2V Discontinued
    HMC-2 Headset with PTT/VOX. VIEW Discontinued
  HS7 HS-7 Micro headphones. VIEW Discontinued
  HS8 HS-8 Micro headphones. Discontinued
  PB5 PB-5 NiCad Battery Pack 7.2V   200 mAh Discontinued
  PB6 PB-6 NiCad Battery Pack 7.2V   600 mAh Discontinued
  PB7 PB-7 NiCad Battery Pack 7.2V 1100 mAh Discontinued
  PB8 PB-8 NiCad Battery Pack 12V   800 mAh Discontinued
  PB9 PB-9 NiCad Battery Pack 7.2V   600 mAh with built in charger. VIEW Discontinued
    PG-2V DC Fused Cord Discontinued
  PG3E PG-3E Filtered Cigarette Lighter Cord Discontinued
    SC-14 Vinyl Softcase PB-5 Discontinued
    SC-15 Vinyl Softcase PB-6, BT-6 Discontinued
    SC-16 Vinyl Softcase PB-7/8 Discontinued
    SC-17 Vinyl Softcase PB-5 for TH-55AT Discontinued
    SC-18 Vinyl Softcase PB-6, BT-6 for TH-55AT Discontinued
    SC-19 Vinyl Softcase PB-7/8 for TH-55AT Discontinued
  SMC31 SMC-31 Speaker Mic VIEW Discontinued
  TSU-6 TSU-6 Programmable Tone Encoder Discontinued
  WR1 WR-1 Water resistant bag. Discontinued

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