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Kenwood TR-2400
144 MHz HT


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  • Illuminated LCD Display
  • 10 Memories
  • Built in DTMF Encode
  • Lock Switch
  • Repeater Offset Switch
  • Frequency and Memory Scanning
  • Keypad

The Kenwood TR-2400 is a well built 2 meter HT. The TX offset is selectable from top of the radio. RF output is 1.5 watts. Operation is from 144 to 147.995 MHz. Frequency selection is available from the keypad. Up-Down manual scan is available in 5 kHz steps. Ten memories are featured. There is a built-in 16 button autopatch encoder. There is a switch for activating a CTCSS subaudible tone encoder (but, the tone encoder is not supplied).

Size:  2.85 x 7.6 x 1.875 inches 1.62 lbs. Supplied accessories include  flexible BNC antenna, NiCad battery and wall charger.

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  PB-24 NiCad Battery Pack 9.6 V 450 mA VIEW Discontinued
  MC-30 Hand mic for the ST-1 stand Discontinued
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