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Kenwood TR-2500
144 MHz HT


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  • Illuminated LCD Display
  • 10 Memories
  • Built in DTMF Encode
  • Lock Switch
  • Repeater Offset Switch
  • Frequency and Memory Scanning
  • Keypad

The Kenwood TR-2500 is a well built 2 meter HT. RF output is 2.5 watts or 300 mW. Operation is from 144 to 147.995 MHz. Frequency selection is available from the keypad. Up-Down manual scan is available in 5 kHz steps. Ten memories are featured. There is a built-in tuneable sub-tone encoder. It uses a variable resistor inside the unit to select the CTCSS tone. The optional TU-1 tone unit encoder permits selection by DIP switches, and this device snaps into position between the radio and the battery.

Size:  2.675 x 6.675 x 1.675 inches 1.2 lbs. Supplied accessories include  flexible BNC antenna, NiCad battery and wall charger.

The Kenwood TR-3500 is similar to the TR-2500, but covers the 440 MHz band instead of the 144 MHz band. Output is 1.5 watts or 300 mW

Order # Item Description List Price Your Price Order #
  BH-2 Belt hook. Discontinued
  BT-1 Cell holder for AA alkaline cells. Discontinued
  LH-2 Leather Carry Case. Discontinued
  MS-1 Drop-in mobile stand with charger. VIEW Discontinued
  PB-25 NiCad Battery Pack 8.4V 400 mAH VIEW Discontinued
  PB-25H NiCad Battery Pack 8.4V 490 mAH Discontinued
  SMC-25 Speaker microphone. VIEW Discontinued
  ST-2 Base charger with mic jack. VIEW Discontinued
  TU-1 CTCSS Encode Tone Unit for TR-2500A [DIP] (not for TR-3500). Discontinued
  TU-35B CTCSS Encode Tone Unit for TR-3500 [DIP] (not for TR-2500). Discontinued
  VB-2530 2 Meter 25 watt RF Amplifier for TR-2500A (not for TR-3500). VIEW Discontinued
  WS-1 Wrist strap. Discontinued
   SM TR3500 TR-3500 Service Manual (original). Discontinued

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