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Yaesu FT-530
144/440 HT


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Features | Accessories

  Yaesu FT-530

  • 82 Memories
  • 12 VDC Direct In
  • DTMF Keypad
  • DTMF Auto Dialer
  • Scanning
  • Backlit Keypad
  • VOX
  • Auto Tone Search
  • Power Saver
  • Cross Band Repeat

The Yaesu FT-530 2M/440 HT has many first-time features such as:  the LCD display and translucent keypad have selectable back-lighting modes and provide dual frequency readouts and indicators for most programmable functions. Flexible, in-band dual receive lets you listen to two, 2 meter signals at the same time. Other standard features include:  Auto On-timer with 24 hour clock, 82 memories, VOX, backlit keypad, DTMF paging and extended receive (2M 130-174 MHz). The innovative Automatic Tone Search displays the incoming CTCSS frequency. Two VFOs are supplied for each band. Four transmit power levels are provided (up to 5W with optional battery).

Order # Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  BC-1 Bottom cover (for use without a battery). Discontinued
  CA-8 Charge adaptors for FNB-25/26/27.. Discontinued
  CSC-56 Soft vinyl carry case (for FNB-25). Discontinued
  CSC-57 Soft vinyl carry case (for FNB-28). Discontinued
  CSC-58 Soft vinyl carry case (for FNB-26/27). Discontinued
  EDC-5B Cigarette plug DC cable with voltage regulation.
Replaced by SDD-13
   EDC-6 DC Cable only. Discontinued
  FBA-12 Dry cell case for six AA cells. Discontinued
  FNB-25 NiCad Battery Pack 7.2V   600 mAh Discontinued
  FNB-26 NiCad Battery Pack 7.2V 1000 mAh Discontinued
  FNB-27 NiCad Battery Pack 12V   600 mAh Discontinued
  FNB-28 NiCad Battery Pack 7.2V   700 mAh Discontinued
  MH-12A2B Regular speaker mic. VIEW Discontinued
  MH-18A2B Miniature speaker mic. VIEW Discontinued
  MH-19A2B Ear piece with inline mic. VIEW Discontinued
  MH-29A2B LCD Display mic with remote functions. VIEW Discontinued
  MMB-54 Mobile hanger bracket. VIEW Discontinued
  NC-18B Compact slow (15 hour) charger for FNB-27. 117 VAC Discontinued
  NC-28B Compact slow (15 hour) charger for FNB-25/28. 117 VAC Discontinued
  NC-34B Compact slow (15 hour) charger for FNB-26. 117 VAC Discontinued
  NC-42 Desktop quick charger. Discontinued
  NC-50 Dual sequential desktop rapid charger. Requires CA-8. Discontinued
   SDD-13 Cigarette plug DC cable with noise filtration. Discontinued
  YH-2 Headset for VOX. VIEW Discontinued

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