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Discontinued Amateur Handheld Transceivers 

Alinco DJ-100T, DJ-100E 2M
DJ-120T 2M
DJ-160T, DJ-460T 2M & 440
DJ-162T 2M
DJ-175T 2M
DJ-180T, DJ-280T 2M & 220
DJ-191T, DJ-491T 2M & 440
DJ-195T 2M
DJ-196T 2M
DJ-296T 220
DJ-560T 2M/440
DJ-580T, DJ-582T 2M & 440
DJ-596T 2M/440
DJ-C1T, DJ-C4T 2M & 440
DJ-C5T 2M/440
DJ-C7T 2M/440
DJ-F1T, DJ-F4T 2M & 440
DJ-G5TH 2M/440
DJ-G29T 220/900
DJ-S11T 2M
DJ-S40T 440
DJ-S45T 440
DJ-V5TH 2M/440
DJ-V5THCH 2M/440
DJ-V17T/V27T/V47T 2M, 220 and 440
DJ-V57T 2M/440
Baofeng BF-888 UHF
Icom IC-Δ1A 2M/440/1.2 GHz
IC-2AT, 3AT & 4AT 2M, 220 & 440
IC-02AT, 03AT & 04AT 2M, 220 & 440
IC-2GAT, 4GAT & 12GAT 2M, 440 and 1200
IC-2iA & 4iA 2M and 440
IC-2SAT, 3SAT & 4SAT 2M, 220 & 440
IC-2SRA & 4SRA 2M and 440
IC-u2AT & u4AT 2M and 440
IC-24AT 2M/440
IC-80AD 2M/440
IC-91A/91AD 2M/440
IC-92AD 2M/440
IC-P2AT & P4AT 2M and 440
IC-P7A 2M/440
IC-Q7A 2M/440
IC-T2H/T2H Sport 2M
IC-T7H/T7H Sport 2M/440
IC-T8A 6M/2M/440
IC-T21A & T41A 2M and 440
IC-T22A 2M
IC-T81A 6M/2M/440/1.2 GHz
IC-T82A 6M/2M/440
IC-T90A 6M/2M/440
IC-U82/U82 Sport 440
IC-V8 Sport 2M
IC-V21AT 2M/220
IC-V82 2M
IC-V85 2M
IC-W2A & X2A 2M/440 and 440/1200
IC-W21AT 2M/440
IC-W31A 2M/440
IC-W32A 2M/440
IC-Z1A 2M/440
ID-31A 440
Kenwood TH-21AT & TH-41AT 2M and 440
TH-21BT, TH-31BT & TH-41BT 2M, 220 and 440
TH-22ATK2 2M
TH-25AT, TH-45AT & TH-55AT 2M, 440 and 1200
TH-26AT & TH-46AT 2M and 440
TH-27A & TH-47A 2M and 440
TH-28A & TH-48A 2M and 440
TH-75A 2M/440
TH-77A 2M/440
TH-78A 2M/440
TH-79AKSS 2M/440
TH-205AT 2M
TH-215A, TH-315A & TH-415A 2M, 220 and 440
TH-225A 2M
TH-235A 2M
TH-255A 2M
TH-D7AG 2M/440
TH-F6A 2M/220/440
TH-G71A 2M/440
TR-2400 2M
TR-2500 & TR-3500 2M and 440
TR-2600A & TR-3600A 2M and 440
Emergency Kit
Kirisun TP660U UHF
Standard C178A 2M
C508A 2M/440
Wouxun KG-UV8D 2M/440
Yaesu FT-10R, FT-40R & FT-50R 2M, 440 and 2M/440
FT-11R & FT-41R 2M and 440
FT-23R & FT-73R 2M and 440
FT-51R 2M/440
FT-202R 2M
FT-203R 2M
FT-207R 2M
FT-208R & FT-708R 2M and 440
FT-209R/RH, FT-709R and FT-109RH 2M, 440 and 1.2
FT-250R 2M
FT-252 & FT-257 2M and 440
FT-411E, FT-811 and FT-911 2M, 440 and 1.2
FT-415 & FT-815 2M and 440
FT-470 2M/440
FT-530 2M/440
FT-727R 2M/440
VX-1R 2M/440
VX-2R 2M/440
VX-3R 2M/440
VX-5R/5RS 6M/2M/440
VX-7RB/7RS 6M/2M/440
VX-8GR 2M/440
VX-8R/VX-8DR 6M/2M/222/440
VX-150 2M
VX-170 & VX-177 2M and 440
Digital Mode Legend: D-Star   Fusion    DMR   
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