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Based on the total order
Up to $50.00 ........ $  6.95
$50.01 to $100 ..... $  8.95
$100.01 to $500.... $  9.95
$500.01 to $1000.. $14.95
For USA customers
(except: AK/HI/PR)
Insurance included.

Meters & Test Equipment  

I50A PP DC Analyzer/Meter
Ameritron AWM-35 Flat SWR/Power Meter
Bird 43 UHF/43 N Watt Meters
Cantronics 2326, 2332 DC mA Meters
Comet CAA-500 MkII HF/VHF Analyzer
Daiwa CN-501H/501V/501VN SWR/Power Meters
CN-801G/801H/801V SWR/Power Meters
CN-901HP/901HP3/901V/901G SWR/Power Meters
Diamond SX-20C/40C SWR/Power Meters
SX-100/200/400/600/1000/1100 SWR/Power Meters
SX-240C SWR/Power Meter
Digital DT-830B Digital Multimeter
Jetstream JTWXHF/JTWXVU SWR/Power Meters
Kaito BT558 Economy Battery Tester
LDG FTL Meter for FT-857/897
Leixen N8 Frequency Counter 1-1000 MHz
MFJ MFJ-201 Dip Meter 1.5-250 MHz.
MFJ-204B HF Antenna Bridge
MFJ-207 HF Analyzer
MFJ-208 and MFJ-217 VHF Analyzers
MFJ-209C HF/VHF Analyzer
MFJ-223 Antenna Analyzer 1-60 MHz.
MFJ-224 2 Meter Analyzer
MFJ-225 Graphic Analyzer
MFJ-226/227 Graphic VNA Analyzer 1-230 MHz/88-228,330-500 MHz
MFJ-249C Analyzer 1.8-170 MHz.
MFJ-259C Analyzer 0.55-220 MHz.
MFJ-266C Analyzer
MFJ-269C/269CPro Analyzer 0.53-230, 415-470 MHz.
MFJ-762 Step Attenuator
MFJ-801 Field Strength Meter
MFJ-802B Field Strength Meter
MFJ-805 R.F.I. Meter
MFJ-812B SWR/Power Meter 144/220 MHz.
MFJ-813 SWR/Power Meter 1.8-50 MHz QRP
MFJ-815D SWR/Power Meter 1.8-54 MHz.
MFJ-816 SWR/Power Meter 1.8-30 MHz.
MFJ-817C SWR/Power Meter 144/440 MHz.
MFJ-818 SWR/Power Meter 1.8-30 MHz.
MFJ-822 SWR/Power Meter 1.8-200 MHz
MFJ-826B Digital SWR/Power Meter 1.8-54 MHz.
MFJ-828 Digital SWR/Power Meter 1.8-54 MHz.
MFJ-842 SWR Meter 140-525 MHz.
MFJ-845 Digital SWR/Power Meter 1.6-60 MHz.
MFJ-850B Line Voltage Meter
MFJ-852 Power Line Noise Meter
MFJ-860 SWR/Power Meter 1.8-60 MHz.
MFJ-862 SWR/Power Meter 144/220/440 MHz.
MFJ-864 SWR/Power Meter 1.8-60/144/440 MHz.
MFJ-868B SWR/Power Meter 1.8-60 MHz Huge
MFJ-869 SWR/Power Meter 1.8-60 MHz Huge
MFJ-870 SWR/Power Meter 1.8-60 MHz
MFJ-874 SWR/Power Meter 1.8-525 MHz
MFJ-884 SWR/Power Meter 1.8-525 MHz
MFJ-886B Frequency Counter
MFJ-DM55-1 Line Voltage Meter
Opek SWR-6 SWR Power Meter 144/440 MHz.
Power Werx WattMeter In-Line Meter
Surmen AC DVM 60-500 VAC
DUAL DVM 4.5-30 VDC and 0-20 Amps
KW203 USB 3.2-10 VDC and 0-3 Amps
TYT SF-401+ Frequency Counter 100-3000 MHz
Vectronics PM30/PM30V/PM30VB SWR/Power Meters
West Mountain CBA4 Computerized Battery Analyzer
PWRcheck DC Analyzer/Meter
Please also see: Discontinued Meters & Test Equipment

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