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VNA Graphic Analyzer
1-230 MHz

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VNA Graphic Analyzer
88-228 & 330-500 MHz

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The MFJ-226 VNA antenna analyzer covers 1 to 230 MHz with 1Hz resolution. Frequency sweep plots: SWR, Impedance, Resistance, Reactance, Phase Angle, Complex Return Loss, Smith Chart. It is the first low-cost handheld VNA (Vector Network Analyzer) to feature OSL (open/short/load) calibration for super accuracy and sign of reactance to positively identify inductive or capacitive reactance. You can measure impedance plus many other critical load parameters directly or through a feed-line or test cable with exceptional accuracy, correcting for line loss and phase angle. You can even display Smith Charts. 32 memories let you capture screens made in the field for download into your PC via mini USB port for later storage and use. The bright 2 inch LCD backlit screen is easy-to-read, even in direct sunlight. The firmware upgradable via USB port.

Requires two AA batteries (not included). There is an N female jack on the top panel. Includes N to SO-239 adapter. 3.25W x 6.5H x 1D inches. 9.3 oz.

The MFJ-227 has the same look and features of the MFJ-226, but with different frequency coverage: 88-228 and 330-500 MHz.

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#6540 MINI MANUAL Nifty spiral bound mini-manual for MFJ-226 contains 8 laminated pages [4.5 x 8 inch]. VIEW $11.98

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