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DC Digital Voltmeter

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   DC Digital Voltmete

The Surmen DC Digital Voltmeter is a low cost way to measure DC volts in the range of 3 to 30 volts.
The refresh rate is 500mS. Error is 1%. Size is 24x15x10mm. The digits are 0.36 inches high.
The meter has three wires:
Red    Wire: DVM Power "+" (3-28VDC)
Black Wire: DVM Power "-" and Sense "-"
White Wire: Sense "+"

To measure voltage from a power supply, short both the white and red wires to "+".
Please note that this DVM does not include any mounting hardware.
Some users simply use double sided tape for a quick install. _

Order # Photo Model Color Voltage Range Your Price Order
   BLUE DC DVM BLU Blue 3-30 VDC Discontinued
   RED DC DVM RED Red 3-30 VDC Discontinued

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