Timewave TZ-900S
AntennaSmith™ Analyzer


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Timewave TZ-900
Timewave TZ-900

Day or night, the Timewave TZ-900 AntennaSmith™ is a bright colorful window to your antenna system. The transreflective TFT LCD color display is brilliantly visible in direct sunlight - no lost data from a washed-out display! The AntennaSmith™'s rapid sweep updates the data graph every two seconds. Quickly set the start, stop or center frequencies to see the data as you want it. A tap on a button gives you a different parameter. Tap another button to store a graph to print later or to display as a reference while you optimize your antenna system. Instantly see the effect of an adjustment or a change! No computer connection is required to see all the graphs - even the Smith chart!

The TZ-900 has an adjustable frequency cursor/generator. Quickly tune the cursor to check your antenna system at the desired frequency while looking at the big picture on a graph. The Direct Digital Synthesizer makes a great RF signal generator in the Synthesizer mode. Easily calibrate to WWV with 1 Hz frequency resolution. Operates from 0.2 MHz to 55 MHz.

The included Windows program lets you display, compare and export your data. Use your PC or laptop to run the AntennaSmith™ for quick printed reports. The AntennaSmith™ has a rugged extruded aluminum case and batteries for hours of field operation. A 12 VDC power supply/charger (117VAC/60Hz) is included. SO239 input. Click here for specifications.

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