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Bird 43 Wattmeter
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Bird 43 Meter

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The Bird Model 43 THRULINE® directional wattmeter is a portable insertion-type instrument for measuring forward and reflected power in coaxial transmission lines. It will accurately measure RF power under any load condition. Plug-in elements are available to fit your frequency and power needs. The more common ones are listed below.

The Bird Model 43 N is shown left with optional elements (sometimes called slugs). This model features female N connectors for input and output.

The plug-in elements (slugs) determine the power rating and frequency range of the Bird 43 wattmeter. A few common ones are listed below.

Special Note:
We no longer stock Bird meters, but we do have a few of the accessories listed below.


Order # Model Range Power Price Order
  50H 2-  30 MHz. 50 Watts Not in stock
  100H 2-  30 MHz. 100 Watts Not in stock
  250H 2-  30 MHz. 250 Watts Not in stock
  500H 2-  30 MHz. 500 Watts Not in stock
  1000H 2-  30 MHz. 1000 Watts Not in stock
  2500H 2-  30 MHz. 2500 Watts Not in stock
  100A  25-  60 MHz. 100 Watts Not in stock
#3065 500B 50-125 MHz. 500 Watts $  49.98 Order
  25C 100-250 MHz. 25 Watts Not in stock
  50C 100-250 MHz. 50 Watts Not in stock
  100C 100-250 MHz. 100 Watts Not in stock
  250C 100-250 MHz. 250 Watts Not in stock
  50D 200-500 MHz. 50 Watts Not in stock
  100E 400-1000 MHz.   100 Watts Not in stock

Order # Item Photo Description Price Order
  EC-1 NEW EC1 NEW Carry case for 12 elements.
Black plastic with pressure valve.
Elements not included.
Click here for MORE INFO.
Not in stock
#1752 4240-050 4240-050 Quick change connector.
UHF Female
$14.98 Order
#1753 4240-062 4240-062 Quick change connector.
N Female
$15.98 Order
  4300-400 Bird 4300-400 Peak Power Adapter Kit
Installs in 15 minutes without soldering.
Read true peak power at ± 8% of full scale accuracy.
Requires two 9 volt batteries. VIEW
Not in stock

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