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144/220/440 MHz

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The MFJ-817C covers 2 meters, 220 MHz and 440 MHz. The extra-large 3 inch Cross Needle Meter reads SWR and peak/average for forward and reflected power. Power ranges: 200/2 Watts forward and 50/5 Watts reflected. Reads SWR from 1:1 and 8:1. This new version has a special TrueActive™ peak reading circuit that reads true peak or average forward/reflected power at a glance.

SO-239 connectors. The meter lamp uses 12 VDC or optional MFJ-1312D power supply. There is a momentary switch for dial illumination. The MFJ-817C has replaced the MFJ-817.

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#2433 MFJ-1312D Power Supply 12 VDC (500 mA) $15.95

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