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HF SWR-Watt Meter

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The MFJ-815D cross-needle meter allows you to monitor both forward and reflected power simultaneously. There are buttons to select either Peak or Average reading and power ranges of 300/3000 watts forward and 60/600 watts reflected. Frequency coverage is 1.8 to 30 MHz with a measurement accuracy of 10%. The average power is measured when the PEAK/AVG button is out. Peak envelope power (PEP) is measured when the PEAK/AVG button is pushed in. The Peak Reading function of this meter requires external 12 VDC or a 9 volt battery (not supplied) to operate. See MFJ-1312D sold separately. Please note that the meter lamps will function with external 12 VDC, but not from the 9 volt battery (not included). The rear panel features SO-239 connectors for input and output. 7.25 x 3.5 x 4.5 inches.

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#2433 MFJ-1312D Power Supply 12 VDC (500 mA) $15.95

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