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The MFJ-207 will help you build antennas that will make working DX almost routine. Just plug in your coax to find the SWR of any HF antenna on any ham band from 10-160 Meters (1.75-30 MHz). Has an RCA phono jack for external frequency counter. he MFJ-207 can also be used to adjust a tuner to match your antenna without the need for transmitting. The frequency coverage for the MFJ-207 is approximately from 1.75 MHz to 30 MHz in five bands. This provides a very smooth reading of SWR at high frequencies. The coverage for each band may slightly vary from the coverage labled on the cover. The bands and coverage are:
BAND A:   1.75 -   3.00 MHz
BAND B:   3.00 -   5.00 MHz
BAND C:   6.50 - 11.70 MHz
BAND D: 11.65 - 20.00 MHz
BAND E: 18.00 - 30.00 MHz
Uses a 9 volt battery (not supplied) or optional MFJ-1312D.
2 x 7 x 2 inches (60x190x55 mm).
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#2433 MFJ-1312D AC power supply (12 VDC 500 mA). $15.95

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