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The MFJ-888 can accurately find a frequency within a fraction of a second and read it to within a few Hertz. Once turned on, it will search for any strong local signals and display the frequency it is locked on to. Typical distances of finding a frequency vary with the range, but usually you can to lock on a 150 MHz signal up to 150 feet way. The higher the frequency, the shorter the distance. Coverage is 10 Hz to 3 GHz with a ten digit LCD and ultra-sensitive synchronous detector with 16 section bar graph to show RF signal strength. It features a Hi-Z low range, auto-hold measures frequency and period, has LED back light beeper, low power consumption, hold switch to lock display and low battery indicator.

This device features a metal case and is only 2.75 x 4.25 x 1.25 inches 9 oz. Buttons for HOLD, GATE and FUNCTION. BNC input is 50 ohms.

The MFJ-888 comes with an AC charger for the NiCad pack. This instrument can operate up to six hours on a single charge. A handy BNC telescopic antenna is also supplied. Click here to view larger.

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