LDG DM7800
Meter for IC-7800


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LDG DM7800 Meter

The LDG DM7800 dual meter is a perfect addition to your Icom IC-7800. Icom did a pretty good job on the make-believe LCD meters, but sometimes nothing but a real, live meter will do. LDG’s DM-7800 dual meter system provides two 4.5 inch meters, one for the Main receiver and one for the Sub. The lush meter faces are LED back-illuminated in cool, high-visibility blue, drawing only 20 – 60 ma (depending on brightness setting) with a brightness control on the rear panel.

There are separate calibration adjustments for Main and Sub accessible from the rear panel of the DM-7800. You do not have to take the meter apart to calibrate. A provided cable connects to your rig, and the radio menu lets you select functions for each meter. What’s more, the DM-7800 and the virtual meters on your radio can work together. For example, you can display SWR on the radio’s meter and power output on the DM-7800. On receive, the S-meter reading is shown. The DM-7800 is 9.7 x 4 x 4 inches, and requires power only for the lights; the meters themselves are passive. The case is textured black, a great match for the IC-7800.

DM7800 Meter Specifications:
* Scales: S-Meter, Id, Po, SWR, Comp, Vd, ALC
* Meters: Dual 4.5 inch
* Dimensions: 9.7 × 4 × 4 inches
* Power Requirements for Illumination: 12 VDC at 100 mA
* Cable length: 3 feet
* Meter movement: 500 µA

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