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West Mountain CBA3

The West Mountain CBA3 battery analyzer is much more than a simple battery voltage tester or a battery load tester. Unlike a simple load tester the CBA will test virtually any type or size of battery, any chemistry, any number of cells up to 55 volts. For the first time and for a reasonable price, anyone can do scientific tests of their batteries by letting their computer do all the work. The CBA is capable of higher test rates than other testers: up to 40 amps or 150 watts, whichever is higher. It not only tests the total amount of energy stored in a battery (capacity in amp-hrs), but it graphically displays and charts voltage versus amp-hours. Unlike a resistor load it has an electronic constant current load that is controlled both with software and electronics.

Graphs may be displayed, saved and printed. Multiple graphs of the same battery, or multiple batteries, may be compared or overlaid, a very useful feature. Battery tests may be printed on a color or black and white printer. You may also print convenient test labels to be placed directly on your batteries to remember the last time they were tested and how they performed. A CBA will measure the temperature of a battery under test using the optional external temperature probe. The temperature probe will provide automatic over-temperature shutoff a preset temperature limit.

The CBA is is supplied with a high grade Powerpole® battery connector for which adaptors may be made or purchased as an accessory to connect a battery. A CBA is ruggedly built, compact and has a high performance cooling system with a quiet fan. LED indicators show test status from across a room.

The CBA uses an 8051 based micro controller. Each CBA is individually calibrated to high accuracy. The electronic load uses a pulse width modulation system to control a pair of power MOS FET transistors using both electronic and software current regulation. The on-board micro controller provides the plug-and-play USB interface to the computer.

The software supplied with the CBA is easy and intuitive to use. It provides automatic sensing of the battery cell count and recommends a safe maximum discharge current and minimum safe cutoff voltage for your batteries. The system of software and hardware is designed to protect both the CBA and the batteries that are tested. We think that you will find the CBA a useful and essential tool for anyone that depends on batteries. You will find that you learn new and valuable information about your batteries that cannot be determined any other way. Using batteries without a CBA is like driving a car without a gas gauge.

Click here for info on the optional CBA/TEMP temperature probe.

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