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Vector Impedance
Antenna Analyzer

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The MFJ-223 color graphic vector impedance antenna analyzer is a wonder! This pocket-sized instruement provides truly accurate SWR, R, X and Z! It provides top notch accuracy and a vivid TFT multi-color display. You get data for SWR, resistance (R), reactance (X), and impedance magnitude (Z) delivered on a color-coded high-resolution bar-graph display or sharply defined swept-frequency plots. Get continuous DDS frequency coverage with 100-Hz resolution and a full selection of tuning steps and sweeps. There is a movable marker that calls up alphanumeric data for any point on any plot -- and a memory to capture current data when you turn the analyzer off. Get other useful features too, like a built-in help menu and a field-strength indicator warns when powerful interference is present. Enjoy seamless DDS coverage with 100-Hz resolution from 1-60 MHz.

And juggling batteries is a thing of the past. A long-running 3.7V 1800 mAh lithium-polymer battery is built in. Recharge via any USB port. Requires Micro USB to USB Charge Cable (not supplied).

2.75W x 3.5H x 1.4D" high-impact case, 5.1 oz.

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