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Daiwa CN-520
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  Daiwa CN-520 Meter

The Daiwa CN-510, CN-520, CN-540, CN-550, CN-560 and CN-560N meters features Daiwa's famous cross-needle meter that displays both forward and reflected power. The ratio of Forward vs. reflected power is 5:1. Meter accuracy is 10%. Impedance is 50 ohms.

See the table below as different models have different frequency coverage, power capacities and connectors. All are 72x72x95mm.
Click here to view CN-510/520/540/550 specs.

Model Ranges Power Range Connector Price Order
CN-510     1.8-60 MHz. 20/200 Watts SO-239 Discontinued
CN-520     1.8-60 MHz. 200/2000 Watts SO-239 Discontinued
CN-540   500-150 MHz. 20/200 Watts SO-239 Discontinued
CN-550   144-250 MHz. 20/200 Watts SO-239 Discontinued
CN-560   144-440 MHz. 20 Watts SO-239 Discontinued
CN-560N   144-440 MHz. 20 Watts N Discontinued

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