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Daiwa CN-620A
Daiwa CN-630
Daiwa CN-650


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  Daiwa CN-420A Meter

The Daiwa CN-620A, CN-630 and CN-650 series features Daiwa's famous cross-needle meter that displays both forward and reflected power.
The CN-620A covers a frequency range of 1.8-150 MHz in ranges of 20/200/1000 watts forward and 4/40/200 watts reflected. Accuracy is 10% at full scale (15% on CN-650). SO-239 jacks. The LED range indicators on the front panel are activated at half RF power in each range.

Please see other models in chart below. They look the same but have different frequency coverage, power capacities and connectors.

Model Range Forward Reflected Connector Size Price Order
CN-620A   1.8-150 MHz. 20/200/1000 Watts 4/40/200 Watts SO-239 7.1 x 3.4 x 4.75" (180x85x120mm) Discontinued
CN-630   140-450 MHz. 20/200 Watts 4/40 Watts SO-239 7.1 x 3.4 x 4.75" (180x85x120mm) Discontinued
CN-650     1.2-2.5 GHz. 2/20 Watts 0.4/4 Watts N 7.1 x 3.4 x 4.75" (180x85x120mm) Discontinued

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