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Based on the total order
Up to $50.00 ........ $  6.95
$50.01 to $100 ..... $  8.95
$100.01 to $500 ... $  9.95
$500.01 to $1000 . $14.95
For USA customers
(except: AK/HI/PR)
Insurance included.

Microphones & Boomsets 

Alinco EMS-14 Desk Mic
Heil BM10 Boomsets [new version]
BM17 Boomsets
FIN Proline Broadcast Microphone
HM-12 Microphone
HM Handi Mics Hand Microphones
HMM-DYN/HMM-IC Hand Microphones
iCM Microphone for Icom
GM Elite Goldline Microphone
HHG Heritage Broadcast Microphone
PR10 Microphone with Desk Stand
PR20/PR20 UT Proline Broadcast Microphones
PR30 Proline Broadcast Microphone
PR35v2 Proline Microphone
PR40 Proline Broadcast Microphone
PR77D Proline Broadcast Microphone
PR781 Proline Microphone
Pro 7 Headsets
Pro-Micro PMS6/PMD6 Boomsets
Proset-4/5/6/ic Boomsets
Proset Elite PSE6/PSEiC Boomsets
Traveler Improved Boomset DISCONTINUED
Traveler Dual Boomset DISCONTINUED
Booms, Mounts & Bases
Icom SM-26 Desk Mic
SM-30 Desk Mic
SM-50 Desk Mic
INRAD DMS628 Desk Mic
DMS629 Desk Mic
DMS665 Desk Mic
DMS686 Desk Mic
Kenwood MC-60A Desk Mic
MC-90 Desk Mic
MFJ MFJ-290MY Hand Mic for Yaesu
MFJ-1262/1262M Mic Control Centers
MFJ-1263 Mic Control Center
Yaesu M-   1 Desk Mic
M-100 Desk Mic
MD-100A8X Desk Mic
MH-31A8J Hand Mic
  Discontinued Microphones & Boomsets

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