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Heil PL-2T NEW
Proline Mic Boom

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[Heil PL-2T NEW Mic Boom]

The Heil PL-2T NEW Mic Boom is truly the finest professional microphone boom available today. Absolutely silent as it is moved. Perfectly balanced and stays exactly where it is placed. Using a system of perfectly balanced internal springs rather than the unsightly and mechanically unstable outboard springs used on booms of much lesser quality, the Heil PL-2 handles microphones up to 1.5 pounds in weight. The Heil Proline PL-2T NEW is shipped with the standard C clamp mount that will accept an 1.5 inch (3.5 cm) thick table. The PL-2T NEW has a special topless feature. You can remove the top and back plates so that threading the mic cable inside the boom is easy. No more cable connectors to remove and replace! The new top channel allows the microphone cable to be fed through without removing the plug. It provides the perfect cable maintenance. No more wire ties!

The PL-2 NEW accepts all of the industry standard 5/8 inch - 27 threaded mic clips or shock mounts. The chrome threaded stem can be locked into its needed position depending upon the exact type of microphone or shock mount. (The microphone & SM-1 shown above are not included).

Special Note: Heil now offers optional mounts and options shown below.

Order # Model Description Your Price Order
#4242 RS1 Riser for PL-2T MORE INFO $27.95 Order
#4263 DT1 Desk top flange mount for PL-2T. MORE INFO. Not in stock
  SM-1 The SM-1 shock mount reduces mechanical vibrations by suspending a clothesline-type mic clip in an 8 point large nylon band. MORE INFO Not in stock
#4601 TRI MOUNT The Tri Mount bracket allows mounting up to 3 mics on one mic mount. MORE INFO $14.98 Order
#4630 WM1 Wall mount for PL-2T. Not in stock

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