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Microphone Controller
Modular Plug 8C

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Microphone Controller
Round Plug 8C

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Microphone Controllers  

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The MFJ-1262M control center lets you switch between any two 8 conductor modular microphones by pushing a button. You can switch between a boom mic/headphone and a desk or hand mic. Also great if you want to switch from a DX mic to ragchew mic. Plug in a foot switch (not included) to enjoy hands-free operation. The rear panel has a ¼ inch jack for PTT, 3.5mm for speaker input and 3.5mm for speaker output. Supports major brands via internal jumpers. Includes 3 foot cable to radio mic input. 6 x 1.5 x 5.

The MFJ-1262M is the same but for microphones with a round 8 pin mic plug.  VIEW

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