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Use the Heil HSTA-IM (formerly called HSTA-706) to convert the modular input of the IC-706/703 transceiver to the familiar 8 pin male Foster plug that will mate with our ICOM microphones or headsets. The HSTA-IM brings only the audio, audio shield, push to talk and push to talk ground out. There is no connection for +voltage or up and down control ... just audio and PTT control for our HEIL microphones and headsets.

The HSTA-IM is all that you need to use the HMM-ic hand mic on your Icom IC-703 or IC-706.

Special Note:
Heil now has added a mini audio pigtail to this adapter. This can be used to connect the radio's output if the adapter is used with a boomset. It may be cut-off if the HSTA-IM is used with a microphone.


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