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The Heil USBQ microphone pre-amplifier is designed for use with USB interfaces. The USBQ is ideal for professional recording, podcasting, commercial broadcast and other uses that require a microphone and computer connection. The USBQ is not just an adapter, but a true single channel mic pre amp complete with balanced XLR input mic level, switchable phantom power, Bass and Treble controls and adjustable headphone output level.

Heil Sound USBQ Features:
Low noise pre amp with 16 bit up to 48 kHz sample rates.
Frequency Response 20 Hz. - 20kHz.
Variable Equalization +/- 12 dB Bass EQ center 80 Hz
+/-12 dB Treble EQ center at 8 kHz
Switchable +48V Phantom power
Adjustable mic input gain
600 Ohm Input Impedance
4 " long, 1" diameter Anodized aluminum case
USB cable included


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