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Pro Set Plus

The Heil Pro Set Plus! is a dual mic element headset. It includes the HC-5 key element for articulate speech audio that is great for everyday ragchewing and traffic handling. And it includes the HC-4 DX Dream Machine element designed to help you cut threw pile ups. This new "!" version features a audio phase switch. The Heil Pro Set Plus! is destined to be the new benchmark competition headset for DX and contest operators worldwide.

Switchable HC-5 and HC-4 elements
Phase Switch
Boom swings for left or right use
Self adjusting cushioned headband
Highly efficient tuned speaker cavities
Heavy duty cable system
Extremely light and comfortable
Removable cotton ear pads
Speaker Phase reversal switch
Rugged speaker swivel studs

The Heil Pro Set Plus! requires the appropriate AD-1 adapter. See table below. There is also an optional case.

Order # Model Radio Mfg. Color Code Connector List Price Your Price Order
  AD-1-C Collins White 3/16" Plug Not in stock
#2204 AD-1-D Drake Purple 4 Pin Plug $25.00 $11.98 Order
   AD-1-i Icom Blue 8 Pin Plug Not in stock
  AD-1-iC Icom Blue no cap 8 Pin Plug Not in stock
#2057 AD-1-iM Icom Blue Modular $25.00 $17.98 Order
  AD-1-iCM Icom Blue no cap Modular Not in stock
  AD-1-K Kenwood/Alinco Red 8 Pin Plug Not in stock
  AD-1-K 4 Kenwood Red 4 Pin Plug Not in stock
  AD-1-KM Kenwood/Alinco Red Modular Not in stock
  AD-1-T Ten-Tec Black 4 Pin Plug Not in stock
  AD-1-Y Yaesu Yellow 8 Pin Plug Not in stock
  AD-1-Y 4 Yaesu Yellow 4 Pin Plug Not in stock
  AD-1-YM Yaesu Yellow Modular Not in stock

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