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Heil PR780
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Heil PR780 Proline Mic

The Heil PR780 Proline Mic was designed expressly for use with the Icom Pro series and the Icom 7800. The wizards at Heil Sound have been working with ICOM AMERICA for over a year in the development of a very special microphone for a very special transceiver. The PR780 is a dual element, high quality studio microphone with a very special wide frequency response dynamic element and, at the request of Dr. Inoue, the President of Icom, the Heil PR 780 also has the world famous tailored response Heil HC element.

The sound of this unique microphone features a low mass moving coil and neodymium magnet assembly that Heil has superbly designed so as to NOT adversely color the sound. We have worked out the very clever switching arrangement for the two elements which allows the operator to dramatically change the response of the transmitted audio with a simple push of a switch on the microphone instead of going into pages of menus, etc. to achieve the kind of tailored response for cutting through pileups.

The PR780 is the absolute perfect match for the incomparable Icom 7800 as well as all for the Icom Pro series including the IC 746 PRO and 756 PRO rigs. Using one of the dynamic elements from the Heil broadcast division, the Heil PR 780 offers beautiful wide frequency response but at the same time keeping that traditional Heil Sound articulation of the speech pattern. The PR780 works well on ALL ICOM PRO series as well as Kenwood and Yaesu transcievers using the correct CC-1 XLR mating cables. The PR780 600 ohm microphone terminates into a 3 pin XLR broadcast connector just as the PR 20, 30 and 40.

The Heil PR780 is a package consisting of the microphone, the SM 3 mount, the CB-1 base, the CC-1 XLR i connecting cable and the HS-2 handswitch. It comes in one large box ready for that elite transceiver.
(The optional SM2 shock mount is available to mount the PR780 microphone on a Heil PL 2T mic boom).

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