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The Heil CC-1 XLR Y-BAL is a special optimized microphone cable for these transceivers:
 Yaesu FT-950
 Yaesu FT-1000MkV
 Yaesu FT-2000
 Yaesu FTDX5000
 Yaesu FTDX9000

Each of these transceivers have a balanced microphone circuit just like commercial broadcast and Heil PRO Audio gear, but Yaesu mic connections unbalances that balanced input and does NOT ground the mic shield to the chassis. So you end up with a nice floating antenna called a microphone cable that in some cases cause RFI and distortion when using 3 pin XLR balanced microphones.

This cable is expressly for the Yaesu models listed above, when using the Heil PR series microphones that use three pin XLR connectors such as the balanced 600 ohm PR781, PR20, PR30, PR31BW, PR40, etc. This only works on the late model FTDX9000, FTDX5000, FT-2000, FT-1000MkV and the FT-950. You should continue to use the CC-1 XLR-Y (Yellow Top) cable for all other Yaesu models with any Heil 3 pin balanced output PRO microphones.

The Heil CC-1 XLR Y-BAL has an orange cover on the 3 pin XLR and terminates to the standard round 8 pin Foster connector and has a " PTT pig tail.


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