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Dynamic Element

Order #6203
List Price:   $79.95
Your Price: $77.95

Icom Element

Order #6239
List Price:   $79.95
Your Price: $76.95

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Heil HMM

The Heil HMM brings new technology to the hand microphone. No question when you place a microphone element inside a clam shell. The result is a hollow muffled sound but Amateur Radio operators have lived with it for decades. To solve this problem, Heil installed a grill on the top of the microphone that detunes the internal resonance of the housing. Heil designed a very special full range microphone element with great speech articulation. The result is a phenomenal hand microphone.

A very flexible, but sturdy coil cable terminates as all of our headsets with 1/8 male for the microphone and a male for the PTT control. This would then plug into the required appropriate AD-1 cable, sold separately. See table below.

Order # Model Radio Mfg. Color Code Connector List Price Your Price Order
#4231 AD-1-C Collins White 3/16" Plug $29.00 $26.95
#2204 AD-1-D Drake Purple 4 Pin Plug $23.00 $19.95
#3879 AD-1-i Icom Blue 8 Pin Plug $23.00 $18.95
#0953 AD-1-iC Icom Blue no cap 8 Pin Plug $23.00 $18.95
#2057 AD-1-iM Icom Blue Modular $23.00 $18.95
#3336 AD-1-iCM Icom Blue no cap Modular $23.00 $18.95
#1393 AD-1-K Kenwood/Alinco Red 8 PinPlug $23.00 $18.95
#2718 AD-1-K 4 Kenwood Red 4 Pin Plug $23.00 $19.95
#2056 AD-1-KM Kenwood/Alinco Red Modular $23.00 $18.95
#0933 AD-1-T Ten-Tec Black 4 Pin Plug $23.00 $19.95
#0712 AD-1-Y Yaesu Yellow 8 Pin Plug $23.00 $18.95
#1717 AD-1-Y 4 Yaesu Yellow 4 Pin Plug $23.00 $19.95
#2055 AD-1-YM Yaesu Yellow Modular $23.00 $18.95

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