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Heil HBA
Bluetooth Adapter

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Heil HBA

The Heil HBA Bluetooth adapter can be used on any of Heil 3 pin balanced XLR microphones (PR 20, PR 22, PR 781, etc) and when the receiver is connected to one of the microphone input of any Heil AD-1 headphone adapter. The range is about 40 feet and the audio is absolutely linear. The stations you work can not tell the difference of the CC-1 wired cable of the microphone from this amazing wireless adapter.

There are two parts to the HBA system. The transmitter plugs into the base of the Heil 3-pin XLR microphone. The receiver part has a ¼ inch phone plug (plus a mini adapter is included if your radio has a mini headphone jack). This system requires 4 AAA batteries (not included).

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