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Discontinued Microphones & Boomsets 

Collins MM-1 Hand Mic
MM-2 Boomset
SM-2 Desk Mic
SM-3 Desk Mic
Drake 7077 Desk Mic
Electro-Voice 428 Mic Stand
727/727SR Mics
Heil BM-5-4/5 Boomsets
BM-10-4/5 Boomsets [older version]
GLP Goldline Pro Microphone
GM-4/5/5.1/V Goldline Microphones
HCL-4/5/ic Classic Microphone
HM-10 Series Microphones
HMM Series Hand Mics
HSP Microphone
HS-706 Boomset
PR28 Proline Microphone
PR35 Proline Microphone
PR77 Proline Broadcast Microphone
PR780, PR780 PTT Proline Microphone
Pro Set Quiet Phone-4/5/ic Boomsets
Pro Set Plus Boomset
Proset Plus! Boomset
Pro Set Plus-ic Boomset
Pro Set Plus ic! Boomset
Quiet Phones Pro Headphones/Boomset
Icom HM-12 Hand Mic
HM-14 Hand Mic
SM-  2 Desk Mic
SM-  6 Desk Mic
SM-  8 Desk Mic
SM-10 Desk Mic
SM-20 Desk Mic
SM-25 Desk Mic
Japan Radio Co. NVT-56 Desk Mic
NVT-57 Desk Mic
Kenwood MC-50 Desk Mic
MC-80 Desk Mic
MC-85 Desk Mic
Nissei NS-508 Desk Mic
Yaesu MD-1B8 Desk Mic
MD-200A8X Desk Mic
YD-844, YD-844A Desk Mic
YM-34 Desk Mic
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