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Palomar VLF-S
Longwave Converter


Palomar VLF-A
Longwave Converter


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If your receiver covers 4.01-4.5 MHz you can enjoy the world of VLF/LF reception with the Palomar VLF-S converter. This device will permit the reception of the 10 to 500 kHz longwave band which includes navigational beacons, standard frequency broadcasts, the 1750 meter ham band and the European LW broadcast band (propagation permitting). Even if your receiver covers longwave, chances are it is with poor sensitivity. Running your antenna through this converter will dramatically improve long wave reception.
The rear panel has SO-239 connectors. Requires a 9 volt clip battery (not supplied). Only 4.25 x 5 x 2 inches. 11 oz.

The Palomar VLF-A converter is the same, but converts longwave to 3.51-4 MHz. This model would only be needed if you were using a ham band-only receiver.

Note:  You will need a short coaxial jumper cable to connect either VLF converter to your receiver's antenna jack.

Note:  Later production units featured a different knob, a 3 position On/Off switch and a 12-15 VDC input jack.

Note:  Very early production units featured an orange case and operated from a 9 volt battery.

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