Elad FDM45512
IF Converter
455 kHz to 12 kHz


Elad FDM10712
IF Converter
10.7 MHz to 12 kHz


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ELAD logo ELAD FDM45512

The Elad Company of Italy that manufactures the FDM77 receiver also produces high performance down-converters for DRM signal reception.
The Elad FDM45512 connects to the 455 kHz output of your receiver and the output of this down-converter is connected to your PC's sound card. The board is compatible with DReaM software. The required software is available separately. Requires 12 VDC (a coax DC power plug is included). IF input is BNC. The variable 12 kHz output is 3.5mm. (Shown above top).

The Elad FDM10712 is similar, but for receivers with a 10.7 MHz IF output. It also features a BNC to BNC IF output loop-through. (Shown above bottom). Both require DRM decoding software such as the Elad SR below.

Order # Item Description Price Order
#0453 Elad SR DRM decoding Windows software CD. $29.98 Order
#2433 MFJ-1312D Power supply (120 VAC in, 12 VDC 500mA out). $15.95 Order

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