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Worldwide Foreign
Travel Converter Kit

Caltronics TC6

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TC-6 Travel Converter

The TC-6 travel kit converter kit provides for your foreign electrical travelling needs in most foreign countries. It allows the operation of many 110 VAC appliances from 220 VAC voltage used in many countries outside North America. This voltage converter changes 220 VAC to 110 VAC and includes 5 different plug adapters. This device can be used on both ELECTRONIC and HEATING type appliances up to these capacities:

50 Watts for ELECTRONIC items such as: radios, calculators, tape recorders and answering machines.
1600 Watts for HEATING type items such as: curlers, irons, steamers, bottle warmers and heating pads.

Everything is packed in a compact carry case only 6 x 2.8 x 4 inches 1 lb. 10 oz.

If you only need a simple plug adapter, without voltage conversion, see the Philmore 48-518.

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