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Sangean DAR-101
Digital MP3 Recorder

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Sangean DAR-101

The Sangean DAR-101 digital MP3 audio recorder offers high specification recording. It has three recording densities: 64k, 128k or 192k bps. It has a built-in 3 inch monitor speaker and clock. Recording sources include:  Internal mics, external stereo mics, telephone and line-input. Date and clock with 12 or 24 hour format. Recording may be set for Once or Daily. Voice activation may be selected. It supports MP3 and WMA media with SD card or SDHC card. Please note that the required SD or SDHC card is not supplied. To transfer files one needs to have a SD card reader on the host computer. Then use an SD card (not supplied) to transfer files to a PC. The DAR-101 operates from four AA cells (not supplied) or included HKP24-0750800dU AC adapter (7.5VAC 800 mA). The AA cells may be alkaline or rechargeable. There is a switch in the battery compartment that must be selected, based on battery type. Click here for other views. Recording telephone conversations without both parties knowledge and consent is illegal in most states. Please consult your local authorities. A record beep function is supported in this device. (Earlier production had USB port for playback only).

The control circuit of the DAR-101 is compatible with the better shortwave portables that feature both for line output and remote jacks.
Such radios would include the Sony ICF-SW55, Sony ICF-SW77, Sangean ATS-909X.

The example directions below illustrate remote, unattended recording from the Sony ICF-SW77.
In this case we want to record 104.35 MHz FM stereo from 14:00 to 14:10 UTC:
Step #1
First set up the frequency to record. Go the ICF-SW77 TIMER PAGE. Tune in 104.35 MHz FM.
Select "Timer Page" TP key. Press "Edit". Input starting time. Input ending time.
While keeping the "Enter" key depressed, press the "S4" key.
While keeping the "Reserve" key depressed, press the "S4" key. Now shut off the radio, or use it anyway you like, on any frequency.

Step #2
Now you must put the recorder on Standby. Turn on the recorder. Switch the mode to "Music".
Press "Menu". Press "Record Setup". Dial "Record Standby". Set to "ON".

Step #3
Now we will connect the cables. Turn the receiver power OFF. Turn the recorder power ON.
First connect the stereo cable to the "Line In" on the recorder and "Line Out" on the radio.
Then connect the "Remote" cable from the "Remote" jack on the recorder to the "Remote" jack on the radio. (The remote cable can be mono).
When the time comes, the receiver will automatically tune to the frequency and switch on.
It will activate the recorder and the recording will begin.

Step #4
After the programmed "Time Off" time has been reached, the radio will shut off.
The recorder will not be shut off, so you can see it was recording.
Disconnect the "Remote" cable. Set Recorder Standby to "OFF". Shut off recorder.

Owner's manual PDF

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