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There is more going on here than meets the eye! These candles feel, smell and look exactly like real scented candles. But they are not. They are actually quite a bit better. Although they flicker randomly, there is no flame ... and no potential for fire (or singed whiskers). The bottom of the 8 inch candles have a three way switch:  Off, On and Timer. In the timer mode, the candle will come on at the same time every day and stay on for about 5 hours. The 8 inch candles require two D cells (not supplied), and will operate daily for many months. These candles really set the mood, can be used as an automatic night light or emergency light source!
Please note that the votive candles do not have a timer or scent and are supplied with CR2450 batteries which operate for about 100 hours.

Order # Model Description Size Color Price Order
  CA10808CH Round - Vanilla flicker with timer.      8 inches tall Champagne Discontinued
  CA10908CH Square - Vanilla flicker with timer.      8 inches tall Champagne Discontinued
  CG10280CH2 Votive  [package of 2] 1.75 inches tall Champagne Discontinued
#5252 CG10106PK3 Package of 3 CR2450 batteries for Votive candles.   VIEW PKG   $2.98

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